The Space Cowboy

The Space Cowboy

The Space Cowboy aka Chayne Hultgren, is a world record-holding sideshow, street, and circus performer born in Byron Bay in Australia on 13 April 1978.

The Space Cowboy is ‘Australia’s most prolific record breaker’ and as of 2020 he has held over 50 official ‘Guinness World Records’ for his unusual skills. Some of his records include: ‘Most chainsaw juggling catches on a unicycle’, ‘Most weight dragged with hooks in the eye sockets’, ‘Most targets hit with throwing knives in one minute’, ‘Most swords swallowed underwater’, ‘Most blowtorches extinguished with the tongue in one minute (temperature of flames reached 1995 °C / 3623 °F)’. His achievement of swallowing 17 swords in 2009 was voted by Guinness World Records as one of the top 100 records of all time, since then he has broken this record many times and his current record for multiple sword swallowing is 27 swords swallowed at the same time.

Due to the unprecedented events of 2020, and the very limited opportunities for performance art, The Space Cowboy retreated to his studio and immersed himself in visual art. His unique personal style is inspired by a life time in the circus, performance art as well as people and things with unique qualities. The Space Cowboy is also influenced by an eclectic mix of artists, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, Francis Bacon and Salvador Dali.

The resulting art is truly individual. In December 2020, The Space Cowboy will be holding his first solo exhibition in his home town of Byron Bay, and is proudly supported and represented by the JEFA Gallery.

The Space Cowboy



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